A place of dead bones

Victory’s note: Hello, I trust that you are awesome! Today, we would be looking back at this amazing piece from 2017. It was written some weeks before I passed out of NYSC. This was God telling me keep trusting Him as He takes me to my destiny.

This is God telling you not to go back to Egypt. So yea, today’s blog post is a video?.

I ministered this today at the Redeemed King’s Seed Parish.

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You can read the wordings of the poem below:

“What is the living looking for in a place of dead bones?

What nutrients did the Egyptian fish give that manna can’t replace or have you forgotten that though you took it in, it was sucked out of you by the straw of cruel oppression?

Have you forgotten that laughter became a long lost relative you had no hope of meeting again?

Do you not recall the contempt in their eyes as they said their “good morning”, a cheap foundation sliding down their heated faces revealing the true intention of their heart towards you.

What is the living looking for in a place of dead bones?

You see opportunities to pick gold and cheap diamond from open caskets, but what about the worms and “rottenness” you would have to contend with?

What about ghosts from the past that’ll break your back, bending you to the ground in surrender before you even put the first spoon of Egyptian meat in your mouth?
What about the whips that’ll sink through your vein making you forget you once had a name?

What is is the living looking for in a place of dead bones?

So i’m asking, what about now, and my grace that keeps sustaining you…one step at a time, one movement, one war fought, one territory captured, one song, one victory, trust, faith, hope, patience, love, my cloud of protection and our “face to face” communion?
What about the picture album i showed you last night about better days ahead and the plan perfectly painted in my heart for you?
What about giants slain with my help and thirsts quenched by my love?

What is the living looking for in a place of dead bones?
So this is what i am asking, what do you see?

Yes, you.

As you advance into the world, heart beating fast, questioning every promise i gave…

What is the living looking for in a place of dead bones?

Joseph what do you see in that pit with walls so high?

No way out or the possibility of it working out for good?
Daniel, what do you see?
Lions panting, breathing closely…do you see yourself as “meat” or a miracle cooking?

Ruth, what do you see, an old woman’s burden or your Boaz just some meters ahead.
Leah, what do you see?
Rejection or a shooting star rising from your belly.

Ezekiel what do you see?

Dead and dried skulls or the possibility of my word working wonders, sending bone to bone, flesh to flesh, knees to leg, head to shoulder, life springing forth out of fatal blackness.

Caleb and Joshua saw giants and called them “bread”, because my word, a love letter, was tatooed in their heart and their faith refused to crumble in the face of opposition.
So you, yes you.

What do you see?

God ahead, making every crooked path straight or maybe you should just go back?

What is the living looking for in a place of dead bones?

Ps: I hope that somehow, through these words, you have found your own word. This was inspired by Numbers 11:4
…And the mixed multitude among them began to lust greatly for familiar and dainty food! and the Israelites wept again and said, who will give us meat to eat?” 

This is specially dedicated to anybody that is moving into a new phase of life. Trust God, He has not brought you this far, to leave you hanging. He would take care of you ? so don’t look back, forge ahead!

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Victory Osarumwense

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