A lady and her checklist #Keepingfaith

I felt like sharing this today… Happy Valentine’s day!!

Tall (check)
Style (check)
Properly carved black beard (check)
Deep voice (check)
Muscular (check)
Jaw droopingly handsome (check)
Drives a car (check)… I don’t need to add that he’s loaded
Has a sense of humor (check)

Then you suddenly hear something about God’s will on a Sunday morning after you’ve clothed yourself in “precious garments” to your father’s house. Perhaps you heard there are fine brethren in this place of worship, the kind that make a damsel want to shake her body in the right direction during praise. It wouldn’t hurt to scan the waters you say and lol, sounds logical.
But you hear it anyway, “Pray for God’s will in finding a partner, let it be God’s will”
Though you would never admit it, in your mind’s eye, this is God’s will…
Wrinkled (check)
Lacking humour (check)
Lacking style (check)
Poverty stricken and dry
just eeerrr, not your taste.

But why is it this picture that comes to mind when God’s will is mentioned?
Could it be that the element of trust is missing in your relationship with Him?
Recently when conversing with a friend, my eyes opened for a split second and I could literally see God screaming: “Eve can’t you see, don’t you see that another situation is developing, an exact replica of what happened in the garden?”
Like when the devil creeped to you so sleek and made you believe a lie truthfully disguised that you are wiser than this wicked God who would make you suffer with something, sorry someone so terrible in the name of “God’s will” now, don’t you see, wrinkled, slimy like rumpled stiltskin in the movie “once upon a time” . You are actually screaming with everything within you saying God, I can’t trust you with this decision. I just can’t. So, you would rather not listen, just speak tongues loud enough to shun the voice of the spirit when it starts to warn you about this new adventure. “Shakatayabatara, get thee behind me Satan!”
We have forgotten that he is the source of love he is love, the only one that can help us be loved right by guiding our step especially in this lifelong choice. High time, we forget the media and their picture of picture perfect, that doesn’t even count because you alone would be left to live with the scars when you sit down to study the manual they are trying so hard to shove down your throat and i see you more than excited to swallow.
Picture this. A nurse is about to pierce you with a giant syringe and without thinking you start to run towards your mother screaming, shouting, calling out for help because you know Mama loves you . You get to her with open arms and breathe deeply now relaxing only for her to pin you down so the nurse can pierce you. Wicked mother, such betrayal, but child you have been sick and this is the only way you would get better, just trust me, I know you, I won’t ever lead you the wrong way. Men, as unstable as the ECG was last year but me…Never changing, all knowing, won’t you just trust me?
And then I remember, he has my name tattooed on his palm, I am not just another child of his, he actually knows me, better still uniquely understands me, my weaknesses and strength. He knows my heart’s desire so what if I just put it to him in prayer and let him have his way. What if I get to that point where I don’t even look back , where I trust God “foolishly”, just knowing that Mama loves me, she knows my taste, what’s best for me and would never harm me and erase that stereotype of what God’s will is from my mind. What if I get to that point where I quit chasing possible Mr rights by perfectly positioning, silently flirting, hoping and praying that my desperation can’t be smelt from afar. What if I just stop wasting time reading articles written about “how to know if he likes you” and just go to the manufacturer of human relationships.
And so, I have a question for you today, what if you quit fighting over trash and trust God for a treasure. Quit looking for emotions and face the truth of God’s word. What if you just trust him foolishly, listen deeply for his spirit’s leading knowing that He’s got your back.

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Victory Osarumwense

Popularly called Victory Osas is a Financial Analyst by day and a creative storyteller with every breath she takes. She is the kind of person who would take the window sit in a car just to look at the people walking by. She says that people are walking stories and often finds a way to wrap ordinary moments that people would overlook to her works.

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