“You fail; to learn, You fail; to grow”- Emeka Godswill Raphael

Veekhy’s note: Hello to you reading this ?. Here is the very first episode of #BoldSteps where we meet young people striding in purpose.

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Meet Emeka, an engineer by day and a musician/songwriter and worshiper with every breath he takes.

The idea for #BoldSteps came about a year ago, but not until i listened to Emeka’s new song “complete”, I didn’t feel the nudge to bring it to life.

It was so deep that i had to ask, ” what inspired this song? What is the story behind this song?” and this is what Emeka said:

Amazingly, i wrote “complete” on a broken and disappointing day.

On that day, I  picked a picture of a man drowning in a sea holding a torch with his hands above the waters…it reminded me of my situation. I felt like my faith had blindfolds and the only way i could get through was to keep walking… that’s how miracles are born

Emeka, this is deep! let’s rewind a bit. Who is Emeka as a person and what does he do?

My name is Emeka Godswill Raphael, the only boy out of four kids born to a Nigerian family. I’m a worship leader and an ardent music lover. Also, I’m an encourager who lets people see beauties in themselves which they would otherwise not have seen.

Interesting… So how did the music journey start for you?

Lol, I remember singing in the primary school choir I joined. You know, a young boy trying to sing bass and I was told to “shut up” cause I was spoiling the song. I was so sad and out of frustration was singing alone in the play ground which happened to be close to the principal’s office. She called me and asked me to sing that same song at the event which the choir had been rehearsing for. 

It was a huge confidence booster that spurred me to join my church choir and even though they had not given me a mic to lead, it was a good thing to just be there. 

I picked up a few keyboard skills and had a desire to one day lead worship.

Nice…sounds like a perfect example of “God using the foolish things of this world to confound the wise”.

Lol, I sort of rubbed it in their faces.  You know ” you guys rejected me, but now I’m a one-man team”.


I learnt that sometimes no matter how gifted you are in a particular thing, you may still fail at first. 

You fail- to learn. You fail- to grow. You fail- to find your niche.


Deep!! Has there been a time when you just felt like quitting music?

Hmmm I wouldn’t say I felt like giving up on music, I would say music held me from giving up on the faith and life. As I exposed myself to music, God began to use it to speak and encourage me in so many ways. 

I have this philosophy that says “don’t waste the road, just look back and see how many songs you would have sang, how much encouragement you would have received”.

So I can never give up on music, it has always been that anchor with which God has held me.

Most of my songs came out of painful circumstances. “Complete” came on a really bad day when I was really angry at God. I was so angry and i fell asleep, but as I woke up the song complete came and I finished it in about twenty minutes. Amazing!!

The testimonies have been mind blowing. God can use your pain for His glory.

Beautiful! Hmmm

So what do you do when you are not making music?

Lol! When I’m not making music, (i sing other people’s songs hahaha) I watch movies, spend time in prayer, sleep, hangout with friends.

I know you are a first class graduate of Engineering, so how is combining Engineering with music going?

Not a problem, just that sometimes I end up singing at the office. I also have a great interest in engineering. We are the salt of the earth so I should be a solution wherever I find myself. I’m looking at how to take the gospel outside the church building, to every other sector even through engineering. To profer solutions and glorify God through that.

Do you sometimes feel like you are married to two wives? Music and Engineering

Not at all, I don’t see them as wives. Actually music connects with me more intimately. It helps me see the tangibility of God. To me, music is like “God in flesh”.

Choose one: Comedy or Dance?

Ooh Dance!!! I used to dance o.

Nice, an embarrassing moment:

It was during my first degree at KNUST Ghana during registration hustle. I left the hostel very early and got chased by dogs, I ran and left my slippers. I was shouting Jesus Jesus Jesus!! and ran into an all girls hostel ( Africa hall). After that day, some random girls would just be passing and ask, Hope you are fine now? Lol Ultimate embarrassment!

Lool??…Where do you see your music going in five years?

My main vision is to raise worshipers. Intentional worship that becomes a lifestyle. I have four recorded songs already, so expect more songs that lead people into God’s presence.

The end.

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Thank you, Emeka for taking the time out to bless us and thank YOU for reading to the end❤.

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