This “if you are” nonsense

A man is seen at the gate, screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. ‘I must see the king’, he repeats.

The guards, with confused lines across their brows ask him ‘why’ to which he mutters something about it being a life or death matter.
Sooner than expected, word gets to the king about this crazy man creating a scene at the gate. The King asks that he be let in.

At the palace

King: So, how can I help you?

Man: Ah, *Kaabiyesi o.

King: I’m all ears, what is the matter?

Man: First Kaabiyesi, err, err you see, it is a secret matter you see… Err “if you are the king, command your guards to leave the room first!”

The king is dazed.

First of all, he knows for a fact that He is the King, every occupant of the land knows that he is the king, the signboard in front of the palace says that he is the king… *Haba, even the deaf and dumb know that he is the king, so what nonentity in confident skin is standing before him with this nonsensical “if you are the King” sentence?


Let’s understand what just happened in the scene above:

  • A man went to the King’s palace
  • He knew for sure that he was at the King’s palace
  • He said, “if you are the king, send your guards out”

Lol if you don’t see anything wrong yet, just relax. Let’s go deeper.

I believe you’ve read where the devil tempted Jesus saying, “if you are the son of God, turn these stones to bread”; “if you are the son of God, throw yourself down”…

Do you know that this so called temptation came in Matthew chapter 4 right after God had publicly declared Jesus as his Son in Matt 3: 17, “…this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”.

Like seriously!!

Does it make any sense that the devil came to tempt him, starting his sentences with “if you are the son of God” right after it had been officially announced by God that indeed Jesus was His Son?

See, I am the son of God, what’s this “if you are” nonsense all about? Satan, I know who I am, I won’t run around like a headless chicken turning stones to bread and jumping off a cliff just to prove to you what I already am… kaa. I am the son of God”

Let’s do this.

Replay the scene at the King’s palace in your mind. You are the King, called to sit with Christ in heavenly places, far above principalities and rulers of darkness.

The man at the gate represents that situation that is seeking to shake the roots of your faith in Christ. Knocking at the door of your heart day and night, shouting and other times whispering softly, asking in the most convincing voice tone if indeed you are a child of God.

See, Jesus was not pressured into doing all those things the devil said he should do because He knew who He was. He was confident in that fact and so had no reason at all to start bargaining.

Do you actually know what/who God says you are?

Because dear friend, whether you like it or not, the devil would challenge your position.

It may not be a vision where you see him physically. It could be through a friend randomly saying, ” if you call yourself a Christian…” or if God really loves you… Or ” if you are not a lesbian, why are you having these feelings.

The question now is what you, O King would reply to that man in your palace? Would you:

Run around like a headless chicken and send your guards out in line with his request OR

Sit tight on your throne with arms on your chest and mouth confidently poised saying “I am the King, I am in charge of this palace, now get out of my sight”.

Think about this. Stay blessed.

Ps: So excited about this one because I didn’t think I would be able to make a post today, but yay!! Thank God.

Special shout out to Pelkin, Elliot, Prempeh, Alex for the conversations we had after the last post.

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PS: I released a spoken word (ep) #Breathe comprising of 5 poems. Download, listen, share and be blessed

*kaabiyesi- greeting a king in yoruba language

Victory Osarumwense

Popularly called Victory Osas is a Financial Analyst by day and a creative storyteller with every breath she takes. She is the kind of person who would take the window sit in a car just to look at the people walking by. She says that people are walking stories and often finds a way to wrap ordinary moments that people would overlook to her works.

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