The Stars

The stars
Always seemed distant.

haughty beings that looked down at you
As you beggarly moonwalk pass them


But now you realise that the stars should be your carpet
The sun, your escort
and the moon, a shade

That you deserve the best
and unapologetically so.

Not in whispers about how “they” should not hear,
In loud, musically so,

In fact, who cares what they think?
No one.

Victory Osas
2018 (Aug 11)

Ps: What do you think about this?

I hope you are inspired to keep aiming for heights deemed unattainable.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Victory Osarumwense

Popularly called Victory Osas is a Financial Analyst by day and a creative storyteller with every breath she takes. She is the kind of person who would take the window sit in a car just to look at the people walking by. She says that people are walking stories and often finds a way to wrap ordinary moments that people would overlook to her works.

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